What would you choose if you were grant a superpower? Invisibility? Mind reading? Telepathy? Ability to go anywhere you want in a second? Mind compulsion? superhuman ability? Just a few years back, I would choose the power of invisibility without a second thought. But perception changes when the priorities change. Now, I would choose the ability to go anywhere. Well, not anywhere at this moment, but just one place. But.. but.. would life be really be easy if we had superpowers? Do we not have superpowers now? What exactly is a superpower? Why do we even wish to have a superpower?

We wish for something because we need it and we want it. We have desires and we wish we could get those things. Maybe if we could understand we have superpowers in ourselves, we may not wish for them. Vampires can compel mind right? “Oh how cool is that. Ugh I wish I had the ability to control the mind.” But why is there a need to control mind of someone else? Just because we want our things done without an argument? What if we could get our work done without any argument or what if we don’t need anyone else to make our things done? We would not have to wish for the superpower. Let me give you an example, I was never able to accept anyone else’s support but my own. Because I never trusted anyone to not even think them worthy enough to support me. What did that brought to me? An obsession for perfection. Was that bad? No, but it was certainly not too good either. Well, that’s again my own desolation. But let’s not go there right now. My point is at that time I thought I had superpower. A superpower to control my own mind in a way to make myself do anything I wish for. Isn’t that normal? It is and most of you will not even consider it as a superpower but i did. Why? Because it made me feel happy and resolute, duh?

The more you think of something even if it’s an imagination, the more you feel as though it’s real. At times when the situations around you is totally wrecking, if you think of your best memory or something you would love to do, you feel actually good. You don’t care about your surrounding. That is a superpower. Your own brain is your key of superpower and you just have to shuffle the elements in it to make yourself feel the way you want to. The truth is that there’s something unique about each and every one of us. Everyone has a superpower of one kind or another. When you tune into your soul essence and are in harmony with the Supreme, you are tapped into your superpowers. How do you do that? By understanding yourself. By understanding how your brain works. And you will eventually learn to feel the way you want to. You are your own therapist.

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