The average person has tens of thousands of thoughts every day. Most of these are fairly mundane and ordinary, but given the sheer amount of chatter running through our brains, it’s no surprise that we sometimes get strange, even disconcerting, thoughts that appear to come from nowhere. You’re walking across a bridge and suddenly think… Continue reading Delirium


What would you choose if you were grant a superpower? Invisibility? Mind reading? Telepathy? Ability to go anywhere you want in a second? Mind compulsion? superhuman ability? Just a few years back, I would choose the power of invisibility without a second thought. But perception changes when the priorities change. Now, I would choose the… Continue reading Superpower

Relentless mind

"Who are you, Lucy Ayene?", I asked myself. Trapped within the confines of my own mind, I am too aware of every thought passing through it, as if I was outside, looking in. At night I often lie awake ruminating endlessly about what’s wrong with me, about death, and about the meaning of existence itself.… Continue reading Relentless mind